I've heard that pedals dont work well with the Valvetronix series Vox amps. Is this true? I was thinking about getting a wah pedal or a whammy pedal.
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I've heard a Weeping Demon with the VOX. It sounded great.

yeah but he's talking about the vox valvetronix. it has all these built in effects, so he's if wondering all that stuff could screw up any external effects via pedals.
I was talking about the Valvetronix. I know it has all those effects.

I dont know about combining the effects with the vox and the effects you're using with it but I know that the weeping demon worked fine with the valvetronix.
Hmmm. Well does anyone know how an external effect would work with a built-in one? Like combining Wah and the amp's delay?
It works quite good, although when you use the internal effects AND pedals it doesn't sound that great. An exeption for the wah though, I think it works totally awesome with any effect! =P
Try one with effects, then use them effects on another amp, see what you think.
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