It really interests me, I never saw something else like it before, so I don't know how to take it...


In the chorus, it goes C - G - Gm - F - Fm - C - D - G.

It confuses me...how do they get those minors in there and still make it sound, well, good? Or does it really not matter so much?

There's a descending chromatic tone going through each chord (except for ascending from D to G), I know that, but that just confuses me more. And the melody over it seems to still stick to C Major. I dunno.
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Well, I'm not the best guy to explain the harmonics going on here, but it sounds good because it... sounds good. You don't have to follow the rules to sound good. Even look at famous pieces like "The Great Gig In the Sky" by Pink Floyd, "Desperado" by the Eagles, and a lot of others... they bounce all over the place but sound great.

Should prolly wait for Cor to come in and explain it.
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It probably has to do w/ the chord defining notes for example
C + E
G + B
G + A#
F + A
F + Ab
C+ E
D + F#
G + B

looking at these note combos i would say it has kind of a jazzy feel, (i'm not sure if i'm right as i haven't listened to the sample) please let me know if i would be accurate on this.
If you look, there's a cool descending chromatic line from the first C to the next C.

C - B- Bb - A - Ab - G (root of C- maj3rd of G - minor3rd of Gm-major3rd of F-minor 3rd of Fm-fifth of C).

That's how some of my poppier chord progressions that aren't in one key get formed: I start using chromatic lines with the chord movement.

I have no idea to explain why it works, just pointing that out.
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in Corwinoid's other post, you'll see him explain chromatic harmony. All this is, is a chromatic melody.

C - G - Gm - F - Fm - C - D - G.

G is made of G B D
Gm is G Bb D
F is F A C
Fm is F Ab C

so, from the start, the melody is
C (from the C Chord), B (from the G chord), Bb (from the Gm chord), A (from the F chord), Ab (from the Fm chord), G (in the C chord).
From there on it should make pretty standard sense... IV - V - I in G. yeah. lol
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