ok.. i kno im a tool.. but ive recently snapped a string on my thunderbird...boiling ur strings reali isnt gud for them.. but the thing is i havent replaced the strings on there before. and i want a realy sweet set of strings to put back on there. preferably with the red nylon wrapped round the ends like it originally had. can anybody recommend any?
please... n e one? just need to know what strings suit an epiphone thunderbird best
There isn't one type of string for a particular instrument. You just need to try different types and see which one sounds best for you. Myself I'm partial to DR strings, but for bass Dean Markley makes a set called Will Lee something or rather. I forget the exact name but you can get them on Musicians Friend. I really like those, they only come in a 5-string set but when I had a 4-string I just tossed the B. Try out different kinds and see what suits your style best. and NEVER boil your strings, that will actually weaken them. Good luck
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the flea boomers are overrate, just get teh regular Ghs bass boomers, there good strings
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