I wrote this because i was in a weird mood, can you guys comment and stuff lol because i want to know what kind of impression it will make.


Does that dog feel different in Iceland?
Does he see the world differently?
The dragon says yes
The tiger says no
But they?re just tattoos, so what do they know?

The snake loves the sun
And the embers of his cigarette
He?s always got a lighter.
He?s always been a fighter.
He can?t get his tongue around a mountain
He can?t get his body around a neck.
He?s got groove though,
and puts on one fantastic show.

And the bulls on the corner
Sold their semen for jackets
Their dignity for thrills
And they?ll never have a wife
For over two years
They?re gonna lose their appetite,
And will have to ask the snake for a cigarette light.