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(Verse 1)
Here I am with bloody feet on shards of broken glass
I?m here alone because you?ve become another victim of my past
My eyes can?t see reality, but sometimes that?s for the best
Cause I can?t justify the crimson tide of blood around our necks.

You?re estranged from me and that?s just sick and twisted fate
Forgiveness is beyond you now, through sick and twisted hate
Everyday we limp away from the war zone that is us
Are we to blind to look inside before we self destruct?

You?re estranged
You?re immune
It?s the end
We both lose
I?m decayed
I?m sick of you
We?re estranged
We both lose

(Verse 2)
Here I am with a bloody face from the crime I have on my hands
I?ve torn you apart and cast you aside, you?ll never love again
Everything you say to me falls straight to the ground
Through the tears and strife that are my life, it?s best if you?re not around


Every time we make believe
It can work out, we are deceived
We walk a thin line, but we cannot see
And you?ve become estranged
From me

(And end on this chorus)
You?re estranged
You?re immune
Is it the end?
Does everyone lose?
I?m decayed
But I still love you
Let?s try it again
We?ve nothing to lose
Ooh... I like it! Hehe. I think the "sick and twisted" lines are catchy, seems like you could repeat them again at another random point, perhaps at/as an interlude?

Very good rhythm, and the rhyming is never forced, nice job.
hmmm...overall its good...the "sick and twisted lines are great"...but i think you could have said the same things in a shorter song, but thats just me.

The links in my sig, once you have time.

Thx, and btw sorry for the crappy crit, ill do better on your next 1