WARNING: i havent been playing for long so some of the descriptions used arent right, sorry

i bought an epiphone sg about 4months ago and have had enjoyed playing it. i realy take care of it, but i noticed when i 1st played it that there was a loose connection. i guess this was due to the fact that i ordered it off the web and it must have got damaged during postage. anyways it only effected it every now and then, but the other day i was tighting the nut thing that holds the bit in place where u put the lead in the guitar and when i went to play i get this realy loud buzzing sound. its louder than the settings on my amp which means i havent been able to plug it in for about a week. ne adivce would be great, im not sure if it would cost alot to get fixed
is it like feedback, of just a really loud humming noise?
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i think i know what your talking about, that usually means that the instrument cable is touching something it shouldnt be, try plugging the cable into your amp and then touching the end that goes into your guitar with the tip of your finger, make sure the volume on your amp is low, if it makes the same sound that means that your output jack is loose on the guitar and needs to be fixed, thats genneraly a pretty simple and cheap fix if you dont do it yourself. However if that isnt the sound youre getting it could be anythinng from just bad feedback to faulty wiring. and id need more details to tell you what to do.
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well i treid that but its not that. thanks for the reply tho.

im using a roland square 100W amp and when im playing it on acoustic or clean settings there are no problems, but as soon as i change it to a distorted setting like metal or classic i get the ringing/humming. if i dnt touch the strings it sound isnt too bad, but if i start playing the sound gets louder.

also when i insert the lead i get the same sound
which way did you turn the nut? could be sounding like a loose connection of the input jack wires. and its a ground problem whenever it buzzes but stops when you touch anything metal but that would seem impossible since your grounded to the tail piece.
you could of had pull apart on of the wires inside. so you gotta look inside your guitar and look to see if there are any loose wires