Im not sure if this is in the write section. But im trying to write some stuff for our band, and im kinda new ( we used to be a cover band). Its pretty easy to come up with suff for one guitar arrangelments, but two kinda has me stumped. I was wondering what you guys thought for arranging for two guitars (instead of have both paly the same thing or having one playing a hardcore solo over rhythm, i know this). We do two electrics or one electric and one acoustic.

try doing actave chords, of parts of chord along the rythm. and just experement, use scales adn find interesting lines that will work w/ both guitars at the saem time.
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maybe one guitar play the regular chords, and one play inversions higher up the neck...

or one play open chords on play barre chords

or one play iclean open/barre chords and one play distorted powerchords

or the chords and arpeggios would also work...