Hey everyone, my name is Jeris and I have been painting custom airbrush artwork for 15 years now. Guitars, cars, bikes you name it. If anyone has any questions abou tpaining their instrument or looking for artwork to be done, just ask away.

if anyoen cares to check out my work here it is:


thanks, hope i can help and learn here!
Post this in the Guitar Customization thread... theres some guys in there right now that need this sort of thing.
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dude, you shouldnt advetize here. go to gear ads.
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nice work. took a look at the gallery looks good =)
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yea man you got some nice stuff....and btw idc if u post in here, its the only forum i look at
wow, nice artwork. You are one talented dude!
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Pm me and I'll give you a link to God's forum! It still needs mods

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This is really cool man; I'm sure many UG'ers will appreciate and make use of your business
My God, it's full of stars!

Congrats Dread!!!

Didn't realize it until now, lol.
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There's nothing illogical about slavery.