I was looking at this guitar online and it is in my price range and i like the sharktooth inlays even if they are kind of dull compared to RG42dxfm (which i decided not to get after hearing how the edge pro II tremelo system is crap after a few months, even though i'm in love with the top of that guitar) But i mean i look at the thing online and the pick up's are DiMarzio's and i know that brand is known to making wonderful pick ups but are the DiMarzio IBZ pickups on the RG2570E guitar good, and would it be a smart move to pay almost $900 for this guitar going for feel and sound?

any input is appreciated

well pickups arent great but theyre the highest on the prestige models so you could always change the pickups to anything you want for a cost that is. but otherwise just try them out and if you like them well then yeah get the guitar if you dont either save more money or go a lower model which should leave you enough money for new pickups
If pickups are your major concern, just get the 1570 and buy real dimarzios. those dim/ibz pickups are alright, but not as good as real dimarzios, IMO.
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