Its really noticeable on the G string. Other strings you can still hear it as well just not as much. Its on the 9th fret for all of them. Its not the strings cuz i changed them and its the same.

I recorded a short sound clip of what it sounds like on the G string. http://www.geocities.com/ze_m8/crapy_sound.wav

And how do u solve it?
Who draws the crowd, who plays so loud baby its the guitar man....
I have Ibanez Gax 70. Should I tighten the tross rod or what? Will the enhance the action?
What type of guitar do you have?

Basically you need to raise the bridge and/or adjust the saddles. Don't touch the truss rod unless you know what you're doing.
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You should probably get it set up.
This is what you get.
This is what you get.
This what you get when you mess with us.
Apropos, I feel so stupid saying this, but its actually the 11th fret, not the 9th. Sorry.
either way you need to take it and get it set up by a pro who can show you how to do it in the future.
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