Im very new to improv, but have been enjoying myself more making up stuff then playing other peoples songs.
I know very little theory, i understand how scales are made and intervals and thats about it.
I'd just like some feedback on whats the most effective way to improvise?

What im doing now is choosing a scale
eg http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/guitar_scales.php?qqq=FULL&scch=E&scchnam=Phrygian&get2=Get
and recording some basic power chords and their variants, then i play along with it using the same scale, and the only rules i really follow is try to start and end on the root note at the end of each lick.
Learn all the modes (there's 7.. 2 of which are the major and minor scale) and play with those for a while. You can find them on this site under the lessons section.. if you haven't learned them yet.

Then you need to try and connect them together so that they are not just a bunch of scales.. but one big scale.

Then create seperate melodies over top of the rhythm line and put feeeeling into it... sing with your guitar .. SINGGGGG. But practice too .. don't forget.

Note: Also you might find that some modes, individualy sound better over a particular style of music.
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