Ive been playing for a while but want to concentrate more on theory now.....my playing is fine, I just struggle in soloing on occasion and want to understand the guitar more......I have read alot of stuff on this site, some of it helps, most doesnt. What are some good sites or books that you have had success with learning?

if possible... a theory class (at a college or high school) would really be good... then you have someone to talk to if you have questions or maybe private lessons... i find that to be a bit more effective than books etc.

musictheory.net i think it is has some good stuff especially on basics...
I dunno how much money you have, or how old you are, or where you live, but heres a great way to get into music theory..

Browze around some local community schools (like a community college) and see if they offer any music theory classes. I did that when i was like 16, i was like you, i had been playing a while, and was good at what i knew, but wanted to get more serious about learning more. (this was about 12 years ago) I took the class learned the basics of music theory, and that was pleanty to get me on my way, and help me to improve dramatically.. The great thing is these classes almost always have no requirements to them, you dont even have to be a "college" student, anyone can sign up and take them, you'll just have to pay for the class is the only problem.. So if your young and have no money tell your parents you want to learn music theory and see if they can hook you up with a class..

Your other options are just to either buy a theory book at a music store, or take lessons from a prof teacher, who whould teach you at least some of the basics of music theory (if the teacher is worth a damn)..

For books just google music theory books, im sure you'll find tons.

hope that helps some..

Happy playing!
Thank you for the reply....I think I might end up taking a class. I am 22 years old, I started playing when I was 18. I played basically an hour a day at least. I can pretty much play anything within reason with practice, but like I said, trying to come up with my own stuff and learning scales is somewhat harder than just lookin at a tab and jamming.
If you're a student in high-school, most junior college's will let you enroll for free, they just charge for the books. Well around where i live any ways.