instead of a $99 guitar and $150 pickups, get a $250 guitar.
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Why get that guitar? You might as well get a Jay Turser or something.
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^They make those in a size that fits in the humbucker cut out.

Also, if you put a different pickup for one of them, you should do both because stock pickups are typically quiter than pickups you can buy to put on your guitar.
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instead of a $99 guitar and $150 pickups, get a $250 guitar.


using you logic that "since it's a $99 guitar and the pickups won't be that great" take that to its logical conclusion: it's a $99 guitar, and the guitar won't be that great.
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well if this is what you want to do then go for it but if you dont want the pickups to cost more than the guitar dont expect anything good. for 99 bucks the guitar will have to get replaced before the pickups
i have the epihpone SG special, and as far as i know, they have the same pickups as the one you want, in my opinion, they arent bad pickups, if thats any help to you..

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