we fall and lie, on the same ground
we're all in love with the same sounds
we fall asleep to the same stories every night

we sit together, on an old couch
feeling empty, feeling so left out
we fall apart at the same moment everynight

but you are the witness
watch as i speak out
you are now speechless
spouting out vowels
untie my hands now
i'll never wander
i've never told you
you are the one

we run through the hills
not against our will
not against our will
not against it
we run through the night
just to find our light
just to find our light
just to find it

don't you know it's not a feeling you can shake off
the time has come, but my limbs are numb
the sand and water now fill up my lungs

but you are the alcove
lead me away now
you are the mermaid
take me to sea
you are the axe
i'll bury you in me
you are the cherub
i had to believe
How strange is it to be anything at all