I've been playing for about 8 months, im lookin' for a Megadeth song to learn other than Hangar 18
A Toute Le Monde is really easy and pretty. Countdown to Extinction is easy.
Of Mice And Men isn't too hard.
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Angry again is easy... everyting but the solo. Good luck finding an easy Deth solo. (for 8 months anyway)
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Countdown to Extinction (overall pretty easy)
Reckoning day (little faster, but still pretty easy)
A tou le monde (easy...and GOOD)
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Symphony of Destruction i'm pretty sure is their easiest song. Countdown to Extiction is pretty easy too.
Elisian Fields
Tears in a Vial
Die Dead Enough
99 ways to die
Train of Consequences
and of course the fan fav, Symphony of Destruction
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Killing Road off of Youthanasia isnt too tough for a beginner.
And of course, Symphony of Destruction is as easy as you're gonna get.
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Holy Wars...The Punishment Due

Thats not easy at all!
anyone know any easier trivium solos?
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Thats not easy at all!

well its easier than Hangar 18....in fact Holy Wars...The Punishment Due was the very first Megadeth song that i learnt...
Kill the King is piss easy. Half the song is an open E-string riff.
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