is it possible to get a new fret board on your guitar? A fret board that is Diffrent from the one it came with. For ex. replace a normal dot inlayed fret board and get a new fret board with trapizod inlays.
well you could cut different inlays in the fretboard you have (as long as your going from dot to trapazoid it would probly work)....you could buy a new neck and put the inlays in...you could buy a new neck that has inlays and put it on your guitar...there are many ways
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OK, theres a problem with a new fingerboard:

16 hour super-heat process to melt the glue

10 hour sitting process for the neck to regain stability

new glue and finger board need to settle for 24 hours

this $600-$800 and 2 1/2 day long process WILL NOT save you money compared to calling the company that made ur guitar n ordering a new neck

i think cutting bigger holes for inlays isnt as expensive, but if they cut intot he neck on accident bye bye neck

EDIT: i know this cuz i broke a neck on an acoustic and a guy explained the whole process of getting something once-glued replaced
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if its a bolt on it shouldnt be a problem.
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