So, i was going to get this to eliminate all of the noise from my amp while im not playing, but im not sure if its worth it and it will work good.... are there any better noise reducers for around the same price?Rocktron
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I had that, it isnt that great actually.

I would go for the Boss NS2 instead. My Boss GT6 has one built in and it makes my buzzy 5150 sound sweet and tighter, cleans up the sound.
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Actually, the NS-2 only gets rid of hum and hiss when NOT playing, or so I've had experience with. My guitar teacher has a rocktron super c hush rackmount noise gate, and it totally kicks ass. It doesn't cut your sustain or gain in any way. I didn't want a rackmount one, so I went with the ISP decimator, $120 off of music123. Damn good pedal, though you have to reconfigure it when switching between amps, otherwise you could cut your tone. Also look into the MXR smartgate $100 retail.