ok this will be about the 4th or 5th time this thing has been painted. it started like this

and i repainted it like this

then i lit it on fire and left it like that for a while, then i kinda sanded it and painted it chrome. bad idea. looked like **** so i lit it on fire agian and put all kinds of weird **** on it to make the paint look weird. now im sanding it down agian and need a new way to paint it.

im rewinding all the pickups and i want a new paintjob on it. im not too good at it so i need something somewhat simple. im using spray paint and stencils.

all the reason i havent been here for a while is ive been doing this, not that anyone noticed i left

and that is not me, its my friend
you should remove your friend's picture because he is UGLY! lol....

why don't you just make a simple white body with black pickguard? after a lot of clearcoating you could get a nice shiny effect on the body, and having white hardware would make it look nice in my opinion.....
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What happened to him?

it's called shaving.

lit it on fire? that works doing what? getting the paint off?
Your friend's bald at that age? So young, so young.
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That head has to be a joke yes? because if he really is bald at that age
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No i betcha he lost a bet, or was drunk haha. Looks hooooooot
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na we were bored and he wanted to shave his head so we figured we would have fun with it first. people would come up to him at school and ask for his picture.

i lit it on fire for the hell of it, and it made it look pretty cool though (not doing it agian)

i like the white idea but i kinda want to do something different.
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Since you sound like the type to do something wild, paint it like one of those Crash Strats. I'm contemplating on doing something similar for my next project.

Didn't see that one in your thread!? That's damn nice.
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
i doubt id be able to pull that off, i wish i could though. i think i might do the white base coat and stencil in some differnt things in and painting them black.
hmmmm, i think that it seems after all of these paint jobs, you seem to be getting bored of the guitar. so if i may suggjest. i would get a new guitar that is not as boring to you.