My warlock is about an inch and a half and im installing a floyd rose original.. its barely gonna make it though lol
1 3/4 inch should be enough clearence to mount it in with out problems, but thats not to say its gonna be without difficulty. are you installeing it oyurself? what kind of bridge does it have currently??
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i will be building the guitar..... the sg as said before? i ended up without buying dragonmountain's stuff... bcz his bidpay account was ****ed up.
i don't know exactly how thick, but thick enough to hold a normal tremelo, i just put a floyd rose in one of my guitars with a non-locking tremelo, without any routing though, so it only divebombs.
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i think 2 inch is safe but if you wanna make sure buy the trem first then measure how deep you want it to be then get the wood.