I am wondering what are better ways of cleaning your guitar, because all I do is, get a rag or paper towel and rub the strings and fretboard, until I see that the dirt and what not had been removed, are there any other ways to clean it, any liquids or chemicals that can be used?
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
lemon oil....i use it and it works like a charm....its in stuff like Behold....that spray stuff for wood...be sure to get under the strings too
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I usually just do what you do and use one of those pressurized air cans to get the harder spots. The little booklet that came with my acoustic says to rub 'Danish Oil' on the fretboard (rosewood) once or twice a year, but i'm sure that depends on the guitar.
Amen to the lemon oil. About every other time I change my strings I put some lemon oil on the fretboard and use a cloth to get all the dirt off.
Meh, I would stay away from most chemicals. Really, even too much water can damage your guitar. Just get a barely damp rag to clean with.
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Icy Hot and steel wool works great on humbuckers too!!!

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never use damp or wet cloth to clean a guitar. it is advisable to use a dry cloth and for worst case u can go for lemon oil......



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use lemon oil on your fretboard
unless its maple
and a barely damp cloth should work
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