I bought a Line6 PodXT Live from guitar center today and I can't get it set up right. I plugged my guitar into the input on the back of the PodXT. THen connected the Left/Mono to my guitar amp (Behringer V-Tone Gmx1200). But when I strum, no sound comes out. I just need some help with the initial setup. I tried reading the manual, but it didn't help.
is the expression pedal fully compressed?

also, there is a output volume knob next to the mono output ( i believe, you might have to look around the back and check), its just a black cinlinder, turn that up, and see how that goes

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yeah that got it. I was wonderin though, In the manual it said we could download the signature tones of various musicians. How can I do that?

Thanks for your help!
go to www.line6.com and research!
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Hey yeah I wouldn't have asked If I hadn't tried. But on a dial-up internet everything takes forever ESPECIALLY websites with extra bells and whistles like theirs. So, let's try and be more helpful next time, or not waste your time.

Good lord this thing is makin me feel stupid! I cant figure out how to switch the pedal to wah, I can only go between tweak and volume. PLease excuse me while I bash my head against an oak table.
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read the f%$^&%@$%@$%@$%#^$&%&%^#@@$$%^&&K)(*&^%$#@$%^&(*&^%$#$%^&*()(*&^%$ manual c'mon...
i cant imagine u with a boss gt8 ull go nuts....
also i have dial-up and i download patches...very well.....
go and read the manual......
there is a slight learning curve with the xtl, don't feel bad. Every multifx is complicated, that's the nature of the beast. Go to the line6 forum, there is a ton of info there, and they are very helpful with questions. Have you installed the included software like Guitarport yet? It makes it a lot easier to tweak effects/sims/wah, etc...
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ERock, thank you very much for your help.

yoyoloco, burn in hell you dumbass. I already did try and read the manual.

Good god, no one has any measure of patience.
yup get the l6 monkey download, and you can use that to download guitar port.
after youve got the guitar port software, install and go to customtone.com
you can search for patches and whatnot.
go do a little researsh first b4 asking anything ^_^..
and ull find out most of the answers u seek are there.....that they do....