I have had an acoustic esteban laying around in my room for a while now just sorta sitting there looking ugly and useless, I've tried to sell it in the pass w/ no luck (started price at $20 and no one would take it off me)... so I've decided its time I did something w/ it and thats going to be constomizing it and making it some what more playable. This will be my 1st guitar customization and I really want to give the guitar a worn/classical/older look, make it fretless, and possibly add a pickup to it so I can play plugged in but I dont know exactly where to start. I've already read that pinned thread that lists some of the necessary tools and I checked the garage and I have most but im not sure exactly how Id give the guitar that worn/ look or how Id make it fretless so can anyone help me out here? thanks .

I'll get a picture up of the guitar soon.

//edit: the worn look I sorta wanna get is like of this guitar(just ignore the kickass tribal design lol) http://img70.imageshack.us/img70/1789/tribalguitar02ea0.jpg but then I wanna add like a clear layer of something to give it that smooth finish.
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