Just curious to know when it is advisable to use only downstrokes or to try and use alternate picking. I was having a go at Dark Tranquillity - The Final Resistance, im just not sure whether to go with downstrokes or to alternate pick it?


i would alt pick that, I used to use alot of downstrokes, but alt is so much more efficient
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the notes on the strings A and D would normally be played with upstrokes because your returning to a lower string (E) after you play them.
Really, the only difference between down picking and alternate picking is tone. All down picking will give a heavier tone than alternate picking, but is limited in speed at a certain point.
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I generally alt pick or economy pick single note riffs, and downstroke power chords (or a slower riff).
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For that riff I would use downstrokes for all the notes on the low E string and chords. And upstrokes on the higher strings.
Do whatever sounds right as long as you can keep up the pace. As for me, I find if I alt. pick riffs like that it tends to sound choppy. Riffs like that are very rhythmic and need a very steady flow. I get that better with just downstrokes.
I like to do those pedal tone riffs with all downpicking if possible as i think it sounds alot better, but there are many which are just to fast, so go economy.
Im practising that same song, and i do that part starting with an upstroke on the bass string and downstroke on A and D.
Never having heard the song I couldn't say what "they" do - however I would probably economy pick it. Downpicking those types of riffs (depending on its speed) tends to be way too much of a hassle, and can even be more muddy.
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Genneraly for metal if you can downpick it then you should, it gives you that heavy metal sound. Of course there are exceptions and you can usualyy tell in the recording if its consecutive downstrokes or if its alternate picked.
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Having seen Dark Tranquility play that song live, I can confirm that the band does downpick the entire riff.
If you plan to get into playing metal, it is a good idea to downpick what you can. Obviously if your speed won't allow for it, then alt pick. As your speed increases, try to downpick riffs you used to alt pick. In the long run, it will make you a better, faster player. If you can downpick that fast, just imagine how fast you'll be able to alt pick!
I would downpick because that song/riff is really fast If my memory serves me correctly.

It's like MOP, half the ppl here will say play it ALt pickin, but Jaymz plays it with Downstrokes and so do I.

Up to you buddy. What is more confortable.
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At the moment im just downpicking it, seems to work best. I had a look at the live dvd to see how they played it, but couldnt really tell. Anyway, cheers. I'll have a look when i go see em in september .