How would I change the pickgaurd on my squier? I have pickups and wires every where and I can't take the pickgaurd completely off because it's wired to the body. I'm not sure where to start i'm thinking about changing the pickups too. Could anyone post some good links or give me some good information on where to start or what to do. I have no previous experiance in modifying guitars.
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ok take all the screws off holding the guard on, pop volume and tone knobs off(using a screwdriver or idk 2 picks lol, pull the the pickup selector knob off, now under the volume and tone knobs you'll see there is a nut that you can un screw so take the nut off for all 3 and now you should be able to take it off fairly easily man, watch out tho man this a pretty simple task that can be very complicated.