bolt on's are usually on cheaper guitars.
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set knecks and thru necks both have better sustain. The only real advantage to bolt on knecks is that they are easier to replace. (set necks are difficult (but not impossible) to replace, and and it is impossible to replace the neck on a neck-thru guitar.
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It is indeed, but the playability is increased so much you'll fall in trance the moment you play it,
and next thing you know your mom wakes you up saying you've been playig for the entire day.
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There's not really any huge advantages to having a bolt-on other than you can swap out necks and I'd also say it's a matter of personal preference. Set-necks are really the way to go nowadays. Better sustain, better feel, and better fret access.
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Theres not any noticable effect on sustain.
Bolt on necks can be replaced if need be. Some set necks may have better higher fret access for some players. It comes down to preference.
generally, set-necks and neck-thrus have better sustain and better upper fret access, but they are hard to replace and cost more. bolt-on's have less sustain, but they are easy to replace and cost less.
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if its a bolt on there will genneraly be a metal plate where the neck joins the body. Set necks have a wooden heel where the neck joins the body. This is genneraly and there are a few exceptions but thats usually the best way to tell if you dont know what else to look for.
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