havent written in awhile.... story from a friend inspired this.

enjoy, give me some feedback please, and ill return the favor.

watching explosions light up
on the 4th of july
your eyes shine as bright
as the glistening sky
and i never wished
for things to end this way
but its my independence day

things havent been right
in quite a long while
cause you never look happy
and you dont even smile
so i guess its not easy
burning bridges youve passed
but sometimes you cant look back

im sorry to do this
but ive got to be real
and theres no use denying
the way we both feel
theres nothing you can do
theres nothing i can say
its my independence day

and its all just "im sorries"
as i head for the door
but i cant go on
living like this no more
theres nothing i can do
theres nothing you can say
its my independence day

watching explosions cleaned up
on the 5th of july
and your eyes are as misty
as the foggy dawn sky
because the night came and went
washed away like the bay
but im not coming back
this is independence day
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yeah i thought the same thing man.... but idk.

my friend told me the story basically as it is in there.

i think most breakups and things like that are cliche ya know?
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