Hi, I've been playing for like 8 months.. Today I was checking out some beginner lessons. I found out that there are 2 positions for the hand.

This one:


and this one:


I started to think I used the second one (the one where the space that divides index and thumb touches the fretboard) for almost everything. The lesson says, that, to start I should use the first position, but I tried playing like that and it felt very weird and I didn't like it at all. I just use the first position to do barre chords and stuff like that, but almost for nothing. I heard the second position is very limiting but I feel very good with it and the difference between when I play the first and the second is only one fret.

With 8 months of playing, do you think I would have to go back to the first position or do you think I should stick with the one I'm feeling comfortable with ?
The first way of holding is much better for your technique, and if you can discipline yourself to use it, I would recommend doing so.
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Hey, if you're comfortable with that position, stick to it. You can still increase your skills by learning different techniques, so how you position your hand is really up to you.
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whatevers comfortable
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don't sweat the small stuff like this.
it doesn't really matter.
the only time i use the first position is when im barring chords. i dont usually put my thumb that way even when trying to do a fast solo. if you watch SRV, he does the same thing. even when he goes really fast he dosent put his thumb on the back. the only advantage i can really think of for the first position is for shredding really. shredders use their pinky finger and do three or more notes per string stuff and i find its easier to do things like that with the first position.

on another note, i can actually play barre chords like hendrix(using the thumb to play the 6th string note) but when i started out, i had a chord book and it show how to do them so i did as it showed. so im just used to that way. plus if you are going to hammer on barre chords, its easier with the thumb behind the neck.

i think it comes down to how technical you are i guess. i mean you will prolly never see a blues or rock player play solos with their thumb behind the neck but you will most likely see a metal or classical player do it that way.