Im just getting started here on this site and im trying to get well known like some of the big names here. It might take a while but its worth a shot. Ive though of an idea for all newbies like myself to put there lyrics in here so that they can find out what there lyrics are like and even see each others and learn from each other. If anyone agrees then just post lyrics inside and hope that any of the well known writers cathc on to this thread and crit some of our pieces.
Its an ok idea, but could lead to alot of confusion, and madness with people sending their lyrics, and others critting them and stuff. I see where you're coming from, and its always great for inexperienced people to learn from the mistakes of other inexperienced people, but me thinks it could get kinda crazeh. Dunno what everyone else thinks. =/
No offense, but the point of this forum here is for everyone to just post their own pieces.
Non-stickied threads are intended for anyone's lyrics, newbie or veteran to songwriting and lyrics. And anyone is allowed to critique those pieces.

Please read the FAQ at the top of the page, and then begin posting your own stuff more often (because I believe you already have a thread) so everyone can have a chance to read it.

And this will also probably be closed by a mod, its not because they dont like you, its just because its against the rules.
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