I've always loved the sound of an electric guitar, and now i'm finally taking an initiative in my life to consider buying one and praticing the hell out of it.
Being a first time buyer, i have absolutely no idea what would be considered "good" or "crap" and as a typical newbie, and i still have not gotten use to the common vocabulary you people are used to.

BUT! I have read the sticky and gotten some valuable info. So i guess my Ibanez Package Deal would be a definite crapper?


Would that be a bad choice? Its a price i can handle, has everything i need to get started, and has great reviews too. Of course, anything you would like to suggest would be most appreciated too.

As for my playing preference, i plan to actually never play in a group, but instead merely for my own personal entertainment. So i probably dont need any large amps or fancy setups, and a small decent amp or earphones would be my choice.

Oh and btw, i've been playing the violin for nearly 8 years now. With that kind of knowledge, will it transition well at all to helping me play the guitar?

Thanks for you help folks, as i'm sure you get enough of these topics already and they're a pain to reply to. Smiley

In addition to my playing preferences, i love the 80s rock, if that helps at all. Here's a video that i recently came across which i enjoyed and maybe...just maybe.....one day i'll be able to do that:

If you guys highly recommend me buy the items separately, would it still fit in my 300 USD$ price range? I've decided to do some of the research myself:

Ibanez GRX20

Roland Cube 15w Amp

Some decent cables:

Being a newbie, i have no idea if those are really that great, but just i based those just searching this site and looking at the reviews. Of course, i would love any of your suggestions too that would be resonable for a new guitar player with a 300$ budget. Thanks.
I would deff. go with the Ibanez packet.
It's a good deal, and a good instrument.
Ecspecially for a beginner.

I would use this for maybe the first 2 years of playing.
And if you were to upgrade, you'd always have a small
practice amp and a guitar to fool around with.

As for the violin, the thing you'd most carry over from it to guitar
would just be your music theory.

Never give up
hey dude
the ibanez is a great peice of kit for the money, but you may want to look at a couple of eppiphone's as well. if you get lucky maby a fender in a sale price.

the will be about the right size for what you want it for, but shop arround and see if u can find small marshalls or fender amps, and my personal preference would be marshall or laney on that 1. though i dnt think you will find a laney amp in that price range.

again its a personal thing but i would go for venom cables.

as for the violin thing it would help u out if u can read music already, and if your fingers are used to the pressure of holding strings that will probhably help you as well. mostly though you will find the hand eye co-ordination is usefull when you learn stuff.

and the 80's rock thing... just dont over strentch your talents too soon lol

e.g. dont try and learn any micheal algelo batio solos as your first song or anything like that.

peace out man

hope some of that was usefull

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Sounds like a good deal to me but I'm only really a n00b! I think it's best to start with a an OK guitar then as you get better you can upgrade - thats my plan anyway
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That package looks excellent for a beginner. Much better than the package I got (as a gift so it's kinda ok), which if you must no is a No-name guitar, amp, strap, stand, picks etc. I'm currently saving for a decent Fender Stratocaster package for around $500.
the roland microcube is better than the roland cube 15 in my opinion, as it has amp models and fx which the cube 15 doesn't have. For guitars, the yamaha pacifica 112 is pretty good for the price... I haven't tried that ibanez, so I'm not sure how good it is.

violin should help. My sister played the violin, and her hands move really easily around the fretboard, while it took me about 6 months to actually be able to position my fret hand properly (i only played piano and drums before guitar). But she doesn't like the width of the strings, which are different to a violin's width, so that may be a slight problem. You'll get used to it, though. I'd basically say violin should help.
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Thanks for all your help guys (and girls), and i'll definitely take them all into consideration. I'm a sucker for the way that red Ibanez looks =D

BLACKRAVEN, i've been trying to find those Venom cables you recommended but GW and google shows no results.

Thanks Dave_Mc, i forgot about the microcube. I'll also see if that can work into my budget. I also read your commandments again: *3: Thou shalt not buy a guitar made of a crap wood (agathis, plywood, etc.).* The Ibanez that i was looking at has an agathis body. Is the wood THAT bad that i would not like the sound of it?

BTW, all those things in that Ibanez Package, can i swap the ibanez amp that comes with it and get some kind of store credit toward the microcube? If i can, will i be able to swap stuff in and out that i dont like such as possibly giving back the tuner since i already have one, the cables, and use that credit to get some better cable headphones? Also, what are some recommended books that can get me started with the basics and chords, or will hte one that comes with that Ibanez Package be good enough? Thanks again for all your help.
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for the cables try www.gak.co.uk
its a good site, not sure about statside delivery though, but they sell alot of things that may interest you and the prices are all cheaper than most stores i know.


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agathis has a lot of highs and almost no bass ranage from what I know, its not really what you would want to use if you wanted to mod your guitar (new pickups etc). however I may be wrong so correct me if I am dave.
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