This is my proposal to all the Metal Heads out there, that are either MegaDeath or Metallica fans. As we all know Dave Mustaine (MegaDeath) was once the lead guitarist of Metallica in the early years. And was then shamed out of the band because of his alcohol addiction (and other various drug usage)
Then like a phoenix from the ashes he rose up and created his own rebel to society, pissin off religious groups, band, MegaDeath. Many would say that MegaDeath is Mustaines way of lashing back at Metallica as if to say " hey look at me I have my own band, I'm off the booze, nah na nah nah". If he did, I say good on ya for "TRYING" But as many have said and I am saying, Metallica is the BEST heavy metal band of ALL TIME. But this is my pole to everyone on this server, simply say yes or no, who is the best Metallica or MegaDeath.
I am Metallica through and through
What are your thoughts???
yours truthfully J.D.
honestly i like them both about the same.

but if i have to choose, i'd pick megadeth. only reason why is because the songs

holy wars and 5 magics kick ass.
megadeth, not megadeath

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Megadeth. And if you're going to make a thread on them, at least spell it right.

Also I swear I saw this exact same thread here two days ago... And I think it got closed.
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No Vs threads.

And its Megadeth.

You seem smart though and can actually spell decently so I won't teabag you.