hoping to have some music to this soon

Verse 1
Cant look back, haven?t moved on
It?s like I?m nailed to a cross of a memory so strong
And it hurts so bad
Baby Please come back

Verse 2
Looking through eyes sunken and black
Bought me a clock so that I could turn back
The hands of time
To when you were mine

The pain wont subside
Its like a bad coaster ride
Never knowing where I failed
Always waiting to derail

Verse 3
Never look back, that?s what you said
Now all I have left of you is in my head
I?m going insane
Please take away this pain

Verse 4
People come and go, comparisons made
For you the sunshine?s bright, for me its always the shade
I can?t go on
You took away the sun