Hello, greater bassists than I. I'm having trouble EQing with my band. It's either I can't hear myself, or I'm so loud that my amp gets a bit overdriven and it sounds really gross. I use a GK Backline 115 combo amp with a Fender P-bass w/ Basslines quarter pounders. If any of you are familiar with the amp, I set my Channel A (clean) channel at about 5, my bass and treble are around 7 and 8 respectively, low mid and high mid are set at around 4, contour all the way, boost at about 4, and master volume at 9. I know these settings are kinda high, but it sounds muddy, and if i turn lower, I'm drowned out.

Any and all help will be appreciated.
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Well you could turn your bass down so the mid cuts through a bit more. If you're getting drowned out, dont be scared to tell everyone else to turn down a bit...

Try turning up the gain and turn down the volume a bit...

What settings have you got on your bass?
It's a P-bass, so there's only tone and volume. I keep my tone turned all the way to the treble side, and my volume is turned down about 1/8 of a turn. The problem is, when my volume is cranked, it's really muddy, but when I turn it down to a non-muddy setting, I get drowned out. Plus, our drummer is very very loud, and nothing can really change that.
Oh crap!
Haha, not this one. It's either mind-blowingly loud, or nothin. Kinda funny.
Oh crap!
Well actually, that is probably him being a tosser. of course he can play quietly, he just doesnt want to..
I would suggest keeping the bass up all the way. If you want to hear how my band equalizes we put the amps on other sides of the room. This was recorded with one mic. While we were playing in the basement.


Listen to nothing matters. If that's the kind of sound you want to get, minus the bad recording quality then you should be set. That is through the same amp you have.

Other than that, we just try the best to get the bass over the drums first and then add guitar later. Then we can adjust. Keep your bass up all the way.

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turn the bass up to max, turn mids and trebs down.
Turn up the volume.

Now you will just hear this booming sound that causes diarrhea.

Turn bass to mid, high mids, high trebs, high volume.
due to high mids, it should be less muddy etc.
My settings are as follows,

Bass: 3 or 4 Low Mids: 6 High Mids: 8 Treble: 6

if that fails to cut through the mix, or you can't hear yourself.
it's time to get a new amp

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Id say do what harrias did, high mids and high trebs and mid lows.

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actually I'd guess the problem is the amp. That GK (in my experience) only gets a good, non-muddy tone when the -10db is on. Otherwise it gets all junky. I never knew if it was the head portion or the cab- it got the volume needed but the tone was very, as you said, "muddy".
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You need to turn contour down. You'll need some midrange to cut through.
Scooping your mids will make you not cut through the mix. Hardcore and Metalcore producers talk about this all the time, they all hate how guitarists and bassists drop tune and scoop the mids because it sounds bad if you don't know how to mix it correctly. Nothing cuts through and it's just a low end crunchy mess. I scoop my mids but I use distortion and a tube emulator and compressor to cut through the guitars and I can hear myself fine and so can everybody else. So basically, you don't have to boost your mids to cut through.
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