well im gonna buy a new guitar and have found two guitars i really like but cant decide between them. so can anybody tell me how they play and what the preform like. thanks
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firebirds are really good guitars.
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cant you try them out yourself? otherwise what music you play? and what amp you use?

i would try them out my self but all my local music stores havent got any.

i play mainly punk or rock styles never stuff like jazz or blues.
my amp is a mg10 series marshall
" im so happy coz today i've found my friends in my head"
personally, i'd go for the explorer cause i like it's slightly more radical style. but that's me.
explorers are to good, hate firbirds hate the headstocks and i dont think they sound all that great :P thats my opinion

Buy another amp. Roland Cube 60 would be good for you, IMO.
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Explorer is a classick but Firebird is very diffrent looking guitar so if you want to be diffrent go Firebird or you feel like being classy go Explorer
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I would find a way to play each before I bought one. I have an Explorer, which I like, but, I've never tried the Firebird.
explorer or die
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I'm assuming your looking at the NEW Epiphone Firebird Studio, and not the old Firebird VII. I agree with these people that you should try them out. I also agree you need a new amp. I can't speak for the new Firebird, because they aren't in stores here yet (August I think). I know the old Firebird VII is freaking amazing! The explorers are also very nice. try them out first before you buy though.
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