i'm planning on making a pedalboard with a removable leid, and i'm really struggling to find suitable latches. Does anyone know of a UK site where i could find some which would work?

those are my plans incase you want to see them. I'm going to change the design so that it can accomodate 2 rows of pedals.
have you tried liek a DIY shop?


There bound to have some
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yeh do 2 rows smaller and better imo anyway. yeh and any home hardware store should carry latches
Search google for Penn Elcom or Allan Gordon:
They make good stuff for flight cases/speaker cabinets.
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i'm not to sure where to find the latches you want, but how did you that mock up of your pedal board? paint?
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i think i'll take a wander over to Wicks in a bit, i dont think htey had any last time i went but i wasnt really looking for them.