For all you guys with huge tube amps or combos, do you guys haul around your amps everytime you play with a band and such?
casters and buddies get the job done pretty quick, but thats just the cab. Heads are relatively light.
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i just have a 2 12 combo so it's not too huge
for band practices i just let it chill at our drummers place and haul it to gigs... have a ****ty practice amp at home
you employ roadies for that kind of stuff. of get mates/ helpful fans to assist.
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yup friends are needed for the cabs, I've lugged my 4x12 around by myself, and it's brutal if you're a small guy like me. I carried a 2x12 combo to jam with a few guys, and that thing seemed almost as heavy as my 4x12 cab. With no casters, it was actually harder to lug around.
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Just ask your friends to help you, my head is heavier than my cab, i dont know why but the head is a lug.
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I've got a 2x12 combo whih is 30kg... That's not too bad. The problem is that the handle's pretty old, and I don't trust it. That means that I have to carry the amp across my chest with both hands. Another problem with lugging heavy amps about is that your fingers need time to recover. I've carried my amp to a jam and it sucked because my hands were dead.
I know there are heavier amps out there, but it's still painful over long distances... and I'm a big guy too.

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peavey XXX 2x12 combo. 102lbs according to the manual. it's pretty heavy but i usually haul it around myself. some times it's hard to get a good grip on since theres only one grip. it's more bulky than it is heavy.
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