why the hell everyone say green day is a poser band?
started out bpunk and still are , but since theyre on mtv and **** theyre suddenly not punk?
and i consider good charlottes first album to be a great punk album.
why are people stupid enough to think that a band turn poser because they get older and their style of music and level of popularity change?

p.s. i know and love punk bands like: the ramones, the clash the mistfits, sham 69, 999, the germs, the damned, the badbrains, minor threat, the dead kennedys, anti flag, the briggs, rancid, operation ivy, the list ggoes on, so dont think that i dont know punk
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Listen, by now you obviously know that Green Day is not recognized as a "punk" band in this forum, at least not in the same manner that Crass or The Boys are.

So when you see that they are not accepted, when you see the giant sticky at the top of the page that is confirming the information I am now telling you, you literaly have to shut off your head for like 30 seconds while you make your post.

They don't teach Scientology in schools, if you want to believe in Scientology that is fine, but when you go to school you are within school laws and guidelines.

Basicly what I said, is if you want to harbor the cute little thought that Green Day is the epitome of Punk Rock, that is fine, but when you come here realize that


If you have a problem with that, or you do not believe me, I urge you to notice the refreshing text at the top of the Punk thread that reads, "Sticky: Green Day Fans LISTEN UP: Green Day Are NOT Punk"

If you want to further dispute the LAW in THESE HERE PARTS, then PM LazygGuitar.
Green Day haven't had a trace of punk in them since Warning. They aren't "suddenly" not punk.
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Cool, you like punk bands, but in my humble opinion green day is pop rock. Same with green day. And their popularity has no effect on that, it's their sound.

if you have a concern with how a band is placed in the forums, just send me a message instead of making spam threads and disregarding the FAQ's