Hey I have a schecter omen 6 and i wnat to upgrade a little. Can you guys give me some good guitars for metal and rock that would still be reasonable price. I got a job so its like i have a set price range. But just nothing to outrageous you know...i would like a whammy bar too so that should be on there. thanks right now im thinking of spending 600> (600 or less) thanks
schecter hellraiser C1 FR is the first guitar you wanna look at. but what amp do you primarily use?
Yeah, if you like Schecters, stay with them. You should be able to get something from the C-1 series for that much.
Hi, I'm Peter
Amps not a problem I just bought a XXX for cheap so i think im fine with that. I like schecters but my omen pretty damn heavy are all the schecters like that
Most metal oriented guitars are heavy. Just the nature of the beast when you use mahogany. And I've never found any Schecter I've ever tried to be really that heavy. I've tried the C-1 Classic and the C-1 Elite.
Hi, I'm Peter
how about jackson or esps how do they play...keep in mind im gonna go to my guitar store and play all these im just trying to get a list to try
Jacksons and ESPs are both oriented towards metal players, so you should like them. Ibanez, as well.
Hi, I'm Peter
out of those three brands which guitars should i look mostly at...my local stores carries all three of those brands
For your price range, none really stands out versus the others. Try them all. You've got nothing to lose.
Hi, I'm Peter
any ESP within that price range will be the LTD series and would barely reach the 400 series so theyre mainly going to be crap to be precise as possible. otherwise ibanez s/sz/sa series are worth a look and some schecters are also worth a look