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Boyscouts Stare at Starlit Skies (haibun)

I woke to the breeze of air escaping windmills, strolling through the backyard green trees into carnivorous crevices of rock. I climbed the blind streets of God's cloud and lightning leaving into a gaze of painful pines and far-reaching Brooklyn cityscapes. I peered into the hole of missing site and city finding lost love and life. Where families take pictures on handmade benches and hikers find virtue in hidden paths that were never really made. Where couples kiss in re-found love and boyscouts stare at starlit skies. Where wild are fearless never seeing sorrow and birds never miss a morning. I met love today.

A city's smog can
never find love and life of
nature in hiding.

In Between the Smoke and the Dark

In between the smoke and the dark
I can see you
Hear you
Almost smell you
If it wasn't for that damn smoke

In between the sips and the gulps
I glance at you
Stare at you
Almost catch you
If it wasn't for that damn dark

Then a path opens
The crowd parts
I'm quick like lightning when I need to be
So here I am sitting next to you
Just remind me why I did it
Because I realise that the smoke is yours
And with your smoke comes the darkness

But I still I go about
Listening to your nicotine mouth
Looking into your nicotine eyes
Fiddling with your nicotine hair

Holding your nicotine hands
Rubbing your nicotine thighs
Kissing your nicotine lips

Caressing your nicotine hips
Inspecting your nicotine sheets
Sleeping in your nicotine bed

You are nicotine
And I'm addicted
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Hu r emos???

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could someone translate that last post for me please?
the ending of both killed em for me but besides that they were both fairly extremely good, ****, hmm, i dunno... i guess i gotta go trig.
Blue, nicer image comes to mind.
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