(Note: In Working Progress, Any Ideas For Title Please Post , Im a Newbie To the World Of Writing Lyrics So Please Be Patient)

What Is The Feeling I Get Deep In My Stomach?
I Have An Engraved Image Of You In My Head
You Tease Me With Your Smile, Your Legs
Let Me Hold You Close So I Can Hear Your Heartbeat

Let The Emotions Flow
Let It All Out
I Think Your The Love Of My Life
When Your Away, Your Still With Me

As I Said Working Progress. Im Writing More Soon When I Get Another Boost Of Inspiration.
If Someone Could Tell Me What They Think That Would Be Great
In The Car I Just Cant Wait . . To Pick You Up On Our Very First Date
well i'm not big on love songs but yeah it's pretty good if it's one of your firsts, my first songs sucked ass compared to that, as for a title.... how 'bout love of my life especially if the second thing is the chorus
"We can't stop here, this is bat country."
i thnik it should be called

love of my life? i think!

and yeh its pretty good, for a 1st song

check out my 1st song, the link is in my sig, crit please
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