Ok, i know i've been posting threads on noise reducers, now im deciding between getting a boss NS2 or a ISP decimator/ which one is better and would eliminate all of the unwanted noise the best
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But go to a shop and try them out if you can, but this method might not work if you can't take all your stuff in the shop.
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The ISP is great and it is also about personal taste. I brought my Parker Fly into Guitar Center and hooked up the same head head I have (B-52AT-100) and was quite surprised on how well it works. I ended up buying a Boss Ge-7 EQ instead and the ISP will be my next piece of equipment.
for killing amp noise, and tightening up your tone/transparency/natural feel, it's no contest. ISP.

for killing pedal noise, it's a lot closer- if this is all you want to kill, the boss may be better in terms of economics.

but see if you can try them both.
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