I have submitted a few would be articles. I am a little uninformed about how this works. By "submitted" I mean posted here. What ssteps should I take in order to have them made into actual articles. My "Definitive Info on Modes" for instance I know has typos which I can easily fix. Beyond that, what do I do next?

Also, should i sind errors in currently posted articles by other authors, what is the proper procedure for helping bring clarity to their articles?
Yes, erm although I am the current moderator of this forum I have not had the time to look at the numerous articles you've posted. I had the best of intentions for yours in particular, however I do have what I like to call a life .

Anyways, we are about to add a few new moderators to this forum, so things should pick up shortly. Sorry for the delays!

Also, you're more than welcome to help edit other users' articles, if that is what you were asking.