Would the Roland Cube 15 have the power to be heard over a band, without having it sound like complete crap.

If not, would the Roland Cube 30??
No id ont think so and also no to the cube 30. I have the cube 30 and i was jamming with some people and the amp could hardly get the volume and sounded ****.
It is a very good amp for practising but i would advise getting a bigger amp.
maybe so...maybe so young one.

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what if i don't have a PA system

What is your bands singer going to do?
will a 60 be heard if used for gigging?

if you're gigging, i'd almost definitely mic it. that allows you to run it through a mixer through to the pa system.
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Maybe look at a peavey valveking? A decent amp at a decent price. It'll kick any solid state modeller bar the vox ad60 and upwards

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how much does a peavey valveking cost?
would I have to mic that?

oh, and the bands singer, we don't have a real singer, yet, we're looking for one, or, our bassist will have to do it
the roland cube amps are the best for their price.

-the micro cube is great for playing around the house without others on drums.
-the cube 15 is crap because they were not thinking when making it
-the cube 30 is great as the micro is but in your case its not powerful enough to play with drums in the same room
- I would suggest saving up for a cube 60 but if you must you can try a few things.

1) mic a cube 30 which is a bit more money than my second suggestion.

2) get a micro cube or just some pedals for your guitar and patch the output of everything you need to play into this amp.


I play that with guitar all the time and same for drums, its great for its price and 120W is plenty powerful for just $200. I got mine for $170 as there was a customer returned unit in stock from music123.com and free shipping was great.

the unit is big and 70 pounds but the sounds are great.

I used to run the micro cube into my KX1200 amp but now i have some FX pedals...basic ones and some that i made so i just run out from the mixer and into the big amp without the cube.

I should sell that some day.

that's a keyboard amp?But if it works with guitars, i might get it
but the size, i don't know how i'll be able to carry it
how much does it weigh
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that's a keyboard amp?But if it works with guitars, i might get it
but the size, i don't know how i'll be able to carry it
how much does it weigh

yes its a keyboard amp, the lows and highs are all inbetween are great which is why i got it. ( use it for electric drums as well)

its big and 70 pounds which is a downfall for it but the sounds make up for it.

i just decided to sell my cube, time to get that on ebay.