Hey, i know i've been badgering you about a new guitar for 3-4 threads now, but im still kinda in a rut as to what to get. So any help is appreciated

Budget: 1,300 dollars

Thoughts so far: American standard SSS strat, gibson firebird studio, ibanez RG2560, gibson les paul studio, gibson SG standard.

Current amp: Mesa/boogie f-50 combo

Current guitar: Epiphone les paul custom (which im very happy with).

So, i want something different than the les paul i've already got, so the les paul studio isn't really that hawt to my mind. And I don't want a fat strat, coz if im getting the strat, im getting it because i love the cleans and light gain stuff on it, my les paul will continue to function as my heavy guitar.

What do you think?

Thanks for any help
For $1,300 I'd get an Sg. You can get pretty clean and lively sound out of them. Plus it is a Gibson. Not just saying buy it for the name. And I'd say if ur playing it out of a mesa then it should sound good. It's a good guitar and should last u a long time. The Sg standard is wat I'd get.
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it depends on what kind of music you play...but the ibanez fits every style..also the strat if you modify the pick-ups
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if youve been badgering this forum for a new guitar for a few threads already, then you're going about this the wrong way. you're taking advice from people who you don;t honestly know of their skill level or style and whatnot. go out and try these guitars. im sure at a budget of 1300 the guitar shops in your area wont mind you playing for a few hours on these guitars. and if your local guitar shop doesnt have some of these, travel a little. hell, if your budget is 1300 im sure you can afford to drive a couple hours to try out the guitars.
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Bassmonkey: No, i can't afford that. A day trip to one of the larger shops in my area that actually have these kinds of guitar, would cost me nearly over a 100 bucks. And I wouldn't get the chance to try out the firebird coz they don't have it They probably have the others, though. Anyways, 100 bucks is just too much for me..
Try the guitars out, see which one you like best.
That's all I can say, I'm not gonna' pick out a guitar, because you might not like it as much as I do, and so on...
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Well, of course im not buying the guitar everyone here tells me to. I'll be asking my guitar teacher as well, and if i don't like the guitar, i just send it back, coz there's a law over here saying anything you've bought in the past 14 days can be sent back.

So if you'll just tell me a little about the different guitars, the advantages/disadvantages, i'd really appreciate it
SSS Strat- +s-High quality instrument, very versatile, great cleans, easy to modify.
-s- Not great for metal or high distortions, bolt on neck, comes with gig bag

Firebird-+s- Full sized humbuckers instead of minis, 498T is hotter than standard Gibson pickups, not very common, very versatile, comes with hardshell case
-s- Kinda heavy, tuners are very close together because they are backwards (lefty style)

Les Paul-+s- Generates great tone, set neck, comes with hardshell case
-s- Very difficult upper fret access, very heavy, very thick neck

SG- +s- Double cut, thinner neck, set neck, comes with hardshell case
-s- can be neck heavy, not overly versitile (from personal experience), some people find very uncomfortable

RG2560- +s- Thin neck, fairly easy to modify, comes with hardshell case
-s- Stock pickups are very weak, basewood body limits versatility (Personal opinion)
(note, if the instrument isn't being sold with the cases stated, get on the stores case, cause those cases are said to be included on the manufacturers webpages).

Edit: Hope this helps, it's basic, but at least its a starting point. I do recommend trying the guitars out first.
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^Okay, thanks man, that was really a big help The strat comes with a case btw, i don't know if this is unusual, but i asked the store

Hmm, im really intrigued by the firebird, and at the same time its the only one i can't try out I thing i've weeded out the les paul and SG from what you said, and i don' t know about the ibanez. I'll have to ask my guitar teacher Again thanks for the help
the best thing to do is to buy a squeir strat and send the rest of the 1150 dollars to this bank account #48205311