Ok guys,
I am writing a very short impression on what I think of the new B-52 AT-100 head I purchased. For one the money I paid for this amp ($609 out the door) you coulndn't ask for a better amp at this price. I am pairing it with a Marshall cab and as I stated in earlier postings it does, lack bottom end. Today I went out and purchased a Boss GE-7 EQ pedal..... And GE-7 pedal works wonders!! With 2 gain channels, 1 clean channel, a Dod YJM308 with a GE-7 in the mix there is really no sound you can't get. It also has switchable solid state and tubes AB, and A. In solid state I can get a very heavy sound, now normally at low volume you wouldn't be able to but with the GE-7 i and a little tweaking you can and it works perfect. Also the louder you go obviously you will get more bottom end from your speakers and you will have to adjust the EQ accordingly.. This amp at first was kind of eh...to me...But after 8 1/2 hours of tweaking and getting the sound I want, I couldn't be happier. Like anything else it takes a bit of work to tweak, Seems people do not write much about these amps and do not realize the potential they have and in a few years I would not be surprised to see these amps running for list price. Because I have a pilots license as well I also bought the amp because of the name. B-52 is a the name of infamous stealth bomber...( thought i throw that in...lol) The next thing I keep on playing with is the CONTOUR and LOW RES knobs, these are stealth weapons of this amp in getting the sound you would be looking for. All that said here are the pros and cons in my opinion and I hope this slight review helps any of you thinking about possibly purchasing this amp.

Can't beat it if you are on budget
Awsome tonal possibilities and secret weapon is the CONTOUR and LOW RES knobs!Two gain and 1 clean channels.
Foot switch included with reverb.
Extremly LOUD and crystal clear at high volume.
Has high and low inputs.
Line level adjusts for the effects loop.
Switchable solid state to tubes AB, A

Can't get enough of a "chug like" Metallica sound at low volume without buying an EQ pedal.
The look of the amp is eh....
Could use some blue leds that lit the grill up inside.
The red pilot jewl light... I switced it to blue..Much warmer.

There we go, Here is a list of my gear.

None other than a Parker fly deluxe and I installed a custom GK-Midi kit (internal mount)
Takinime Nylon string.

Line 6 Spider 2x10
Flextone II HD head (line 6)
B-52 AT-100 Heahd
Line 6 Cab
Marshall Cab

YJM DOD 308 OD pedal
Morley Bad Horsie Wah
Boss GE-7 EQ pedal