Where can I find Fender jazz basses. I have looked at all the music stores in my town and there are next to none. Is there anywhere I can get them off the internet other than the Ebay fakes? Or do I just have to wait until a store gets some Jazz Basses in?
go to like
music store websites

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what music do you play? what amp do you maily use? how much you willing to spend? what country do you live in?

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LOOK HARDER, musiciansfriend.com and guitarcenter.com will help, though they are practically the same thing. Get a yahoo map and look for music stores that deal fender and just look hard, my brother did that and thats how he got his black beauty
what planet are you on? here on earth, every decent musical instrument store, should have at least 1 Jazz, in stock. it might be a made in mexico, but to have none?
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You live in Winnepeg. I doubt Winnepeg lacks Fender Jazz Basses. Every music store I know has at least 4 or 5 of them...
If you can't find a Fender in a music store....You must not be looking in the right places. That's like going to Arizona and saying, "I don't see any desert."

If you can't find one, look online. Ebay always has a ton of Fenders, there's also Instrumentexchange.com which is like Ebay for music gear only. And there's Musiciansfriend.com, Samash.com, Music123.com and Sweetwater.com off the top of my head.
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^No one made fun of you. It's just that, you live in a pretty damn big town, and you claim that you can't find any Fender Jazz basses. I live in a ridiculously small town, I have to drive an hour to get to the nearest music stores....and even there they have Jazz basses. Jazzes are one of the most common models in the world, surely you don't have to look that hard to find one.