i saw recently like Guitar Worlds 'Guitar DVD' magazine, its $10 but covers all styles i play (SRv, King, Clapton, Mayer, etc.) and was curious is it actually worthwhile or just a crap DVD-zine that doesnt help?
it helps, i subscribed to it on sale for like $26 for 12 issues (steal, it's awesome.), and it has some really good info on it... sometimes.
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Its cheap...buy it. If its rubbish, dont buy it again, and give your copy to a charity store.
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I have the Metal/Rock issue for that. I thought it was a one-time thing.

There's a blues one too? Or it's a regular monthly type deal? That's sweet if it is
i only saw the blues one...so the metal ones good, i mean ive been playin 3yrs for 3hrs or so aday, so im not novice, but it looked interesting so i thought id give it a try