I played on one a while back and liked it, however I didn't know if I should buy one because they might not be a desirable guitar (to sell in the future). I have an ESP H-100 right now so it would be a nice upgrade. Is $490 with a case shipped a good price for the Viper? Also I eventually want an H-1000 so would I be able to get my money back out of the guitar?
you mean the LTD Viper-500 yeh there alright im not a big fan of them. but if there are any scratches of any kind on the body whoever you sell it to will try to get their money back and theyre probably gonna give you back half of what you paid for
yer don't play the trade game, just stick with your h-100 for now and save for the h-1000, it'll be way less hassles.
Guys, what economy case fits the ESP LTD Vipers, some regular, or maybe Epiphone SG case?