apperently this opic doesnt fit into songwriting even though im trying to write a song
maybe you can help
Well ive been writing songs for a while but i look back and they are always just straight chords and frankly before i write any songs that have "riffs" or single noted sonngs i need to some help on music theory i guess you would call it.

Heres what i think i understand:
K so songs are made up of notes played on scale
(starting on the E and then playing the dots in any order then repeating)

can different postitions of the same scale be played in the same song as long as they stay in in one key?
(playing any of the dots on this whole scale)

sorry the pictures are so big!
Yes, basically the scale is just a series of notes. Those notes are located in many different spots on the fretboard. As long as you stay within those notes you should be alright. Playing the length of the fretboard helps in your composition alot also as you get a different feel at times playing the same note on a different string.
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