Hey everyone, i was just wondering what the differences between the Epiphone Les Paul Standard (£300) and the Epiphone Les Paul Classic (£310)??

Thanks in advance.
What body does the standard have?

how would this affect the tone? what about the pick-ups? better than the standard?

How much thicker is the neck on the classic? What are the pro's and cons of having a thick neck?
They are identical aside from the top. The Standard has a Flame Maple Veneer, the Classic has a Quilt Maple Top.

Both the standard and the classic can have mahogany bodies, but for the most part are mahogany/alder bodies.

Now, the mahogany/alder combo is frowned upon by some people, but it actually sounds good. It doesn't sound like the usual Maple top on a mahogany body LP's, but it sounds good none the less.

It really comes down to which you like the look of better.
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