I put the bass on 10 on my Marshall MG series 50DFX, and i hear no difference on the treble strings(the treble is on 10 also) is this normal, or amp is messed up, or i can't hear the difference?, thanx
Well, sometimes the EQ has a balanced effect. So if you turn up the bass, the treble will go down. I'm not completely sure, but I think the bass has an effect on the treble strings, but it's just smaller because it mostly effects the bassier sounds...I think
its really shouldnt have much of an effect since its only boosting the bass frequencies, if you want a bassier sound on your treble strings you need to turn the trble on your amp down.
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Not to be rude, but it might just be because it is an MG? They don't have the greatest reputation around here.
Dude turn down the Treble lol And the bass.

Oh and your high strings (G, B, E) wont give you low end thump..er...a lot of bass.
i was thinkin the Randall all-tube 50watt is loud enough, and every other 1 is 2 much so sounds like thats the way 2 go and i like the sound of my amp wit the setting i have (best the MG is gonna get) i was just wondering if the bass should effect the treble strings
lol this sound like the same thing with my pos squire amp. i think its just that the treble is at 10 too that you dont hear the difference which there wont be much of one either way)

turn down ur treble and u should be able to hear a difference
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